Rosie O'Donnell: Wisconsin Battle's 'The Most Important Issue' in USA Since 1950

The Radio Equalizer blog found an amazing statement from Rosie O'Donnell on her satellite radio show: the Wisconsin budget crisis "I feel like this is the most important issue our nation is facing right now, and has for the last fifty, sixty years." Forget the civil rights struggles, the Cold War, or the impeachment battles of two presidents. Rosie also emphasized the bizarre left-wing concept that Gov. Scott Walker was like Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak:

There's apparently over 100,000 people in the freezing cold in Wisconsin standing there, and they have been for the last eleven days? It took seventeen days to get the government in Egypt to stop abusing their citizens after thirty years of rule...

I believe the people of Wisconsin were inspired by watching the people of Egypt ... stand up to tyranny and dictatorship, a thirty-year dictatorship taken down in seventeen days of peaceful protest. The people in Wisconsin deserve our support ...They are us.

As if every Wisconsin school teacher is just like that multi-millionaire Rosie O'Donnell.

She also proclaimed from her satellite soap box that "Today, with all of our social media, people like Governor Walker can't get away with the lies and the deception that have been the course [sic], especially during the Bush administration. You know, I don't know why people don't see through the charade of Scott Walker."

Walker was even in favor of destroying two-party competitive politics:

The reality is he [Walker] is trying to ruin the two-party system in the United States, and, frankly, if the Democrats don't get their s**t together, they're really gonna be the root of their own demise, because the Republicans are organized and they've got talking points and they've got slogans, and they come up with "ObamaCare," and we just sit back and don't do anything.


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