Mike Malloy Spews: Fox Is a 'Terrorist Organization' That 'Wants to Burn the Country Down'

For anyone who thinks liberals are calm and rational beings, free of bitterness and rage, we can always disprove that with the radio show of Mike Malloy. On Thursday, Malloy ranted and raved about the story that Fox News boss Roger Ailes is said to have told publisher Judith Regan to lie and conceal her affair with Bernard Kerik before federal investigators as Kerik was considered for the Cabinet. This was enough to send Malloy off the deep end:

Well, I would think it also would be that it would also be the basis of a criminal investigation against this lard-ass bastard -- Rupert Murdoch's anti -American terrorist broadcast organization!

From there, Malloy ranted not only against Ailes, but against Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, who apparently are all anti-American terrorists:

What a nest of snakes at the Rupert Murdoch terrorist organization. What a nest of snakes! Vile, filthy liars who are hell-bent on destroying America! They want to burn the country down! They want to burn it down! That's why they let that freak Glenn Beck loose every day! Right? I want you to go kill more people...I want you to blow things up! And the other freak on television -- O'Reilly, who made it his business to ensure the death of a physician over and over again? Tiller the Killer! Tiller the Killer! Tiller the Killer! Like I said last night, these people should march over the edge of the United States and be told to start swimming!

Earlier on Thursday's show, Malloy also freaked out over a Mother Jones story on an attempt by Nebraska state Sen. Mark Christiansen to pass a bill protecting unborn children from violence.

In the Omaha World-Herald, Christiansen "said the proposal was inspired by a Michigan case in which a woman pregnant with quadruplets was charged with manslaughter after stabbing to death an ex-boyfriend who had punched her in the stomach. Christensen and supporters, including anti-abortion groups Family First, Americans United for Life and the Nebraska Catholic Conference, said the bill was just a natural progression from existing state laws that craft separate offenses for assaulting or murdering an unborn infant."

But Malloy called Christiansen not only a "Jesus-hating liar," but he insisted God was going to snap his head off and let the demons in Hell use it for soccer practice:

Hey dumb-ass, hey freak - hey un-Christian, Jesus-hating liar! You know you're breaking the 10th Commandment there because there are already laws on the books - someone who's attacked like, oh I don't know, pick somebody there Mr. Christiansen - how about - a pregnant woman! She has the right to kill the son of a bitch on the spot already. No, you're a liar and you're a coward, Senator Mark Christiansen, devout Christian and devout abortion foe! You're a liar and a coward!

You're one of those types that, when they great getting morning-up does come, according to your Holy Text, and you stand up for the Lord in Heaven - he's going to snap your head off and kick it into hell where the demons, devils, and haints will use it as a soccer ball for all of eternity and that's what's waiting for you, Mark!

Mike Malloy
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