WaPo Sponsors Gay Business Advocacy Group

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce held their seventh annual Business and Leadership Conference in Washington from Thursday to Saturday. One of the "Manager Level" corporate sponsors was The Washington Post. The Post didn't just fund it. They participated. On Friday afternoon, the program touted their Communities of Color Business Initiative, with speaker Jonathan Capehart (page 18 of the program):

MSNBC contributor and Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart will lead a discussion among business owners and professionals of color about their experiences in the marketplace and how the LGBT business community can help break down barriers empower diverse businesses. Roundtable attendees are encouraged to share stories of success and challenge and bring ideas that will help the NGLCC grow the CCBI.

The keynote speaker for the conference was Obama's Commerce Secretary, Gary Locke. There's no question that what the Post is funding here is a socially liberal advocacy group:

Advocacy is a top priority for the NGLCC, whether it's lobbying Congress or the White House, commenting on regulatory issues or working with leaders throughout America's top corporations to bring about equality, opportunity and change. The NGLCC has quickly moved to become the LGBT business voice in Washington, on Wall Street, and down Main Street USA. We feel it's imperative to the advancement of equality and prosperity for the LGBT community that we function as a unified economic force through our advocacy efforts.

Also listed as corporate partners in the NGLCC program and full-page advertisers in the conference booklet were Comcast (page 38) and HBO (page 46.) Comcast, the incoming owners of NBC, highlighted this anonymous quote of support: “True courage is not the absence of fear – but the willingness to proceed in spite of it.”

HBO's ad showed rainbow-colored popcorn, with this message:

Picture diversity.

At HBO, diversity is always in the picture. In fact, our mix of people and award-winning programming mirrors our viewers – and reflects our commitment.

We appreciate and applaud the things that make our suppliers unique – their best products, services and ideas. You’ll find open doors, open minds and new options for growth.

Come to HBO for entertainment, excitement, and full-spectrum opportunity!

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