Liberal Talker Compares Limbaugh to...Funeral-Ruining Rev. Fred Phelps?

Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer captured the bizarre (and no doubt jealous) analysis of  Rush Limbaugh on liberal talk radio over his remarks that "that cracker" George Steinbrenner made a lot of African-American millionaires as owner of the Yankees (and fired a lot of white managers). On Wednesday afternoon, Randi Rhodes tried to compare Limbaugh to Rev. Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps, who ruins the funerals of our soldiers:

This is his death, Rush Limbaugh, this is George Steinbrenner's death! Is there any event that you can't turn into a platform for racism? Rush Limbaugh has ruined more funerals than Fred Phelps ever dreamed of ruining!

I mean, he's much more widely distributed than Fred Phelps' little Westboro Baptist Church out of freaking Kansas that goes to, uh, you know, our soldier's funerals with signs that say God hates the F-word. I mean, really, this is what we've degenerated into and you want to, what, say America's the greatest country in the world.

That's simply too bizarre for comment. Did she have even a second example of Limbaugh allegedly speaking ill of the newly deceased? Maloney didn't report one.

Limbaugh's Steinbrenner comments were only exceptional in that Steinbrenner wasn't so exceptional -- white owners of baseball, basketball, and football teams all make a lot of black millionaires. That would only stand out if you caused racism controversies like former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott.

Randi Rhodes
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