Randi Rhodes: Conservatives Hate Cops, Fire Fighters, Teachers, and First Responders

On Tuesday's Randi Rhodes radio show, Rhodes was complaining that the stimulus money is running out, leading to layoffs of public employees. She lamented that Colorado Springs is going without street lighting and selling police helicopters, and starving the public sector is what conservatives want, because they hate public servants. 

And this is exactly why the conservatives keep harping on spending, spending, spending as the problem: because they know spending, spending, spending is the solution, and they don't want this solved! They don't want this solved because they hate government! They hate teachers. They hate police officers. They hate first responders. They hate firemen. They hate EMT workers. They want it all to be privatized! That's when you gonna get the haves having police protection and excellent schools and the have-nots having no police protection and no schools! And therein is the dreamworld for them. This is nirvana for them!

She said 32 states don't have the money for unemployment benefits, and that isn't because they've overreached, but because they're underpaid by the taxpayer. She's talk radio's answer to John Kenneth Galbraith. The public sector lives in "squalor." The fantasies about the conservative anarchists continued: 

They're firing every city and state worker. And that is what they've had in mind all along. Because then, remember when they were wildfires in California, and I had people screaming at me 'Well, if I have more money, I should be able to hire a private fire-fighting company that has a gel that we don't make available to the city firefighters.' This was their argument.

This was exactly what they were saying all along. If you have the money, you can save your house by buying a private firefighting company. If you don't have the money, too bad for you, stand outside and watch your house burn down. Same thing with your kids, and their education. Same thing with EMTs coming to your house. If you can afford to have an ambulance come and get you, a private company, good! You'll get to the hospital on time. If not, get in your car and drive yourself.  Oh you can't? You passed out? Too bad for you. Shoulda had the money. That's the world that they are building.

How government is starving to death with Obama, Pelosi & Reid in charge is a bit puzzling, but liberals on the radio are imagining it any way. 

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Randi Rhodes
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