Rosie O'Donnell Wants BP's Assets Seized: 'We Broke the Freakin' Womb of Mother Earth'

On her satellite radio show on Monday, Rosie O'Donnell accused BP of "willful homicide, willful mass murder" and demanded BP be nationalized immediately: "I say seize their assets. Right now. Seize their assets today. Take over the [company]. I don't care [how]. Issue an executive order...Call it socialism, call it communism, call it anything you want. Let's watch Rush Limbaugh explode on TV...Seize the assets. Take over BP."

From there, she ripped on piggish Americans in general: "We're all culpable in America. We all fill up our gas-guzzler cars. We all don't have solar power on our window[s]. We have been sold the drugs by the dealer, which is our own government, of oil, and we've been shootin' up and we're addicted to it...It's making all of us sick, just as if we were shootin' heroin...This time, we've screwed with Mother Earth. We broke the freakin' womb of Mother Earth...We split it open, and she's hemorrhaging."

O'Donnell's executive producer Janette Barber offered a solution: "Let's pay $20 a gallon rather than kill thousands of innocent people, 'cause that's what we're talking about."   

Radio Equalizer caught an earlier "Red Rosie" update when O'Donnell favored a government takeover of BP, a chat with Broadway actor Euan Morton: 

MORTON: This is a ridiculous idea, 'cause we don't live in a utopian, what's the word, communist society, but wouldn't you just love to have the federal government and I know people talk about big government and all the rest of it, it's just nonsense, I'd love to have the federal government take over the oil companies, use the money to give our children free education, and then in the future we can educate our children to start doing things like solar power, wind power--

O'DONNELL: Exactly. 

MORTON: I don't know why it's not being done, it's plainly obvious. It's screaing out for someone. This is a Biblical age we are living in. The problems are massive. Volcanoes stopping flights. These are huge problems that we're now facing. Rather than having it pour into the ocean for 41 days, another two months to drill another well to top it off, we have to have a way of making the kind of sea change that we need to make in the self-proclaimed leader of the free world--

O'DONNELL: James Carville said the best thing. He said Obama needs to come down here and tell BP, "I'm your daddy, I am takin' it over," but they haven't been able to do it.

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