Back to Violence at Daily Kos: Talk About Punching Rand Paul In the Face

May 23rd, 2010 11:13 PM

While liberals consistently worry out loud that conservative talk radio inspires violence, they're still avoiding blogs like the Daily Kos, which posted an item on Sunday headlined "I don't want to punch Rand Paul in the face, but...." This tongue-in-cheek lameness unfolded:

....but if someone happens to punch him in the face, I believe that this is their right and that we as a people should not put safeguards in place to prevent such an occurrence.

My name is glutz78 and I'm a Libertarian through and through (not really but let's just say...) and especially when it comes to punching people in the face.  Because getting punched in the face is part of the free market....  

Is this a satire, or does Glutz really want to punch Paul's lights out? I think it's meant as a satire, but "glutz" is betraying more anger than satirical prowess. He seems to want a few conservatives punched in the face.

For starters, the tyranny of the Obama Administration is preventing me from driving around to every BP office in this country and punching every one of their employees in the face.  And I find that limiting because the free market would dictate that if I was able to exercise my freedom to punch everyone in a given company in the face, they would start to work a little bit smarter and stop preventing environmental catastrophes which are destroying the livelihoods of millions.  Or, at the very least, word would get out that if you work at BP, you will get punched in the face at some point and people would just stop working there and the company would deservedly go out of business. Problem solved.

Back to Rand Paul. I get the sense that he, because of his completely obnoxious idea about legalizing racism, thus sending our country back in time a few decades or centuries, might incline someone to give him a big punch in his face.  Now, I'm not for that. Let me make that very clear.  I would be opposed to someone doing that. DO NOT DO THAT! But. BUT! In a Libertarian world, who am I to stop it?  Who are we to suppress free market actions that Jesus Christ intended?  If that's what the free market dictates, then that is what Rand Paul should get. And if he gets it, then the free market dictated that he deserved it.