Radio Host Mike Malloy Rips Clarence and Ginni Thomas and Says Their Marriage Will Inflame Racist 'Teabaggers'

March 17th, 2010 4:13 PM

Media outlets from CNN to NPR to the Washington Post have picked up on the Los Angeles Times story suggesting there could be conflicts of interest for Virginia Thomas to start her group Liberty Central while she's married to Justice Clarence Thomas. But none have attacked the couple like leftist talk-show host Mike Malloy did on his syndicated radio show Monday night.

Malloy called Justice Thomas a "Nazi" and a "house negro" who slavishly imitates Antonin Scalia and his wife was "an ignorant son of a bitch." At his strangest, Malloy claimed Justice Thomas has never authored a majority opinion for the high court. (In truth, he's written at least 140.)

He seemed race-obsessed as he claimed the "teabaggers" were racist, that they would object once they discovered "She’s a very, very, very, very, very white Omaha, Nebraska woman married to a very, very, very, very black South Georgia man." He began (click here for audio):

The latest from the crazy people in the tea bag movement is, uh, a story about, um, Virginia Thomas, she is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; and she’s setting up a teabagger nonprofit group. Now this will be interesting because the teabaggers are essentially racist; and how are they're going to deal with a very dark Clarence Thomas and a very white Virginia Thomas setting up subdivision of their crazed tea bagger party; how they're going to deal with that will be great fun to watch.

Now Clarence Thomas has always adopted the attitude of the House Negro, so perhaps he'll do it this time also. Clarence Thomas, in all the years he's been on the United States Supreme Court, I don't think has ever, ever written an opinion that became the rule of the court; he has never been the lead author.

He has - I don't think he's even spoken for the past six years! He just looks at fat Tony Scalia; and if Fat Tony farts, Uncle Clarence farts; if Fat Tony burps, Uncle Clarence burps! This is the guy who George Herbert Walker Bush said was the most qualified man in America to be on the Supreme Court.

Malloy read from the Los Angeles Times that Mrs. Thomas aims to stop Obama's "hard-left agenda," which set him off:  "You ignorant son of a bitch! Hard-left agenda! Oh my God."

He added her new group would "accept donations from various sources, for new Liberty Central, including corporations, as allowed under the campaign finance rules recently decided by the Supreme Court, her husband being one of the right-wing Nazis who made the decision. See how quickly this works? The wife of a goddamn filthy Supreme Court Nazi justice of the United States, taking advantage of her husband’s decision – well, not his decision, he just sucks along with whatever Tony Scalia tells him to do, he does."

He added: "This has never happened before, of course, where the wife of a Supreme Court justice, and I say 'wife' because most of them have been males, has decided to something this – insane."

After a commercial break, he picked up where he left off:

She’s in for a big surprise, when the inherently racist nature of the teabagger movement slams her in the face. She’s a very, very, very, very, very white Omaha, Nebraska woman married to a very, very, very, very black South Georgia man. And when the pictures of the two of them together get out, you can almost hear the squealing right now from the real teabaggers."

He went into a second commercial break asking "Isn’t it time maybe to begin thinking about impeaching Clarence Long Dong Silver Thomas?" (For rookies, this is a reference to a porn movie Thomas was alleged to have discussed with Anita Hill as part of her never-proven sexual-harassment allegations.)

There was some anti-Catholic hatred tossed in later in the hour, as he noted a listener informed him Virginia is Justice Thomas's second wife, and his first marriage was annulled by the Catholic Church. Malloy first wondered if this made Thomas's son Jamal (from his first marriage) a "bastard."

He then called the Catholic Church "A sick nest of son of a bitches." He started talking about the "Nazi pope" and the "pedophilia he allowed, if not encouraged. Isn’t it time for the Nazi Pope to resign? I hope he stays right where he is. I mean, this whole thing is such a goddamn farce, it’s just insane. I’m sure Uncle Clarence and Sammy the Fish Alito and the rest of the good practicing Catholics on the Supreme Court will figure out a way to defend or ignore what is developing into the worst church scandal in a least a millennia, a millennium and a half, don’t you think?"