MSNBC's Maddow Tells Wild Lefty Mike Malloy: 'We All Love You for Your Dark Thoughts'

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow took time out of her busy schedule to appear on the radio show of radical leftist Mike Malloy's radio show on January 12. Malloy showered Maddow with praise about how she was simply the best on the tube. Maddow returned the favor with this jaw-dropper:

"I love your dark thoughts. We all love you for your dark thoughts."

(Audio here.) So Maddow suggested she deeply loves hateful talk niblets like these:

1. "The Republican Party needs to be executed as quickly as possible."

2. "I have a good news to report. Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide -- I'm hoping that he does it on camera."

3. "Cheney, by the way looks very ruddy; I couldn't get over that like he must have feasted on a Jewish baby, or a Muslim baby....that's what somebody like Cheney does to get that ruddy look."

4. "I hope he [Limbaugh] keeps going, because that means he will soon croak. Like I said, eventually, he will choke to death on his own throat fat."

5. "Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to this country than Osama bin Laden....Why isn't he arrested and sentenced for treason?"

6. "I used to have violence fantasies about Scott McClellan...All those feelings are being shifted now to Dana Perino, violence fantasies."

7. "Aw, Drudge, somebody ought to wrap a strong Republican entrail around his neck and hoist him up about six feet in the air and watch him bounce."

8. On mild-mannered Fred Barnes: "This guy is beyond crazy. I'm sure he eats children's arms and legs for afternoon snacks. This guy is insane."

9. He saw a GOP conspiracy at the almost-bombing in Detroit on Christmas: "The idea of killing 200 to 300 people on a jetliner in order to make the point is nothing. It means nothing....My gut feeling is this was deliberate, this was deliberately done in order to put the Obama Administration in such a vice grip, that it's impossible to get anything done, to raise so much fear, this is what Republicans do, this is what they do."

Here's how the exchange unfolded near the end of the Maddow interview:

MADDOW: If the federal government takes responsibility, that is a, it’s a change in the relationship of people and government. And this is I think where the Tea Partiers are right to be freaked out about it, because they are right. That it is the government, for the first time ever, taking responsibility for people at large, not just specific groups of Americans being covered. And that is a new floor from which you build up. And that, it is, I think it is an ideological advance in terms of what the social contract is in this country.

MALLOY: I hope you’re right and that these dark thoughts I have will fly away and go someplace.

MADDOW: I love your dark thoughts. We all love you for your dark thoughts.

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