The Left Is Warned: Don't Call Them FOX!

Some blog posts about Fox News on the Daily Kos blog are so bizarre you wonder if they are real. The diarist "Brentbent" fussed on Wednesday that the socialist bloc should never put Fox in capitals:

CNN and MSNBC are supposed to be all caps because they are acronyms...each letter represents a word. Fox is not an acronym. If marginalization is the goal then people should stop capping it like CNN or MSNBC. It is Fox News or Fox but it is not FOX...Let's stop equating Fox as an equal to MSNBC or CNN by stopping the capping of Fox.

Yes, I am being a bit pedantic here but, in the long run, these things matter. If you grow up seeing MSNBC, CNN, and FOX on your screen over and over it seems to legitimize Fox as a real news agency. So I am hoping to curtail this phenomenon at least amongst the progressive community, where I see it happen all too often. And we all know spelling it FOX will cause a massive butterfly effect that will end up with the soul of Hitler inside Jenna Bush running the nation and starting World War 4. (The media elites kept WW3 hidden from us.) So whatever you do don't spell it FOX!

He insists: "Fox comes from 20th Century Fox. It does not stand for Frothing Oligarch Xtians."

Even weirder is the poll beneath it, in which most befuddled Kosmonauts like calling Fox News by some version of "Faux News" (how very French of them), but other options include "Knuckledraggers United," "Slayers of the Evil Commisexuals," and "Pie."

And "Jenna Bush is the reincarnation of Hitler not Giant Boy Detective."

(HT: I Dint)

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