ABC World News Boss on Ignoring ACORN: 'We're Not in the Business of Noise'

Backing up his anchorman, Charles Gibson, who suggested on the radio that maybe the ACORN story "is just one you leave to the cables," World News executive Jon Banner extended the liberal snobbery on Politico:

While Banner admits that some stories may get more attention on cable, blogs or talk radio, it doesn’t mean they’re suited for the "World News" audience. "There’s a tremendous amount of – for lack of a better word – ‘noise’ out there. We’re not in the business of noise."

ABC can devote entire segments to Obama swatting a fly on camera, but they report "news," not "noise"? Banner also claimed:

"It’s a very different editorial process when you have 24 hours to fill as opposed to 22 minutes," Banner said, explaining why ACORN hasn’t yet fit in the evening newscast. Lately, Banner noted that the program has been focused on covering Afghanistan, health care, the economy and the anniversary of 9/11.

He wasn't the only news snob in the Politico piece. Dean Baquet, Washington Bureau Chief of the New York Times and one of the country's top black newspaper editors, also snooted that he should take any scoops from Glenn Beck:

“For Glenn Beck to devote 45 minutes of his show to ACORN and Van Jones says more about his news judgment than mine,” said Dean Baquet, Washington bureau chief of the New York Times.

"He’s not a newsman and that’s not a news show,” Baquet continued. “He’s not trying to cover the economy, two wars, health care, the aftermath from one administration to another, negotiations with Iran or North Korea.”

It's one thing for a TV producer to try and claim they don't have time for fraudulent federal grant recipients. It's ridiculous for a newspaper editor to charge they don't have space for it.

(Hat tip: BondPlainBond)

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