Can't a Star Go Hungry a Little for Hunger?

From the celebrity philanthropy beat comes this story from AP: "David Arquette is going to live in a box in New York City to raise money for the hungry." Except it’s only during the average American's office hours:

The 37-year-old actor plans to stay in a Plexiglas box above the Madison Square Garden marquee on Tuesday and Wednesday to raise $250,000 for Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger relief charity. He'll stay in the box each day for about eight hours. Donations can come on site or through text messages or a Facebook page set up by Mars Inc., the company that makes Snickers candy bars.

Here’s where it gets a little humorous. It’s a hunger-awareness protest, but Arquette won’t fast: "A Mars spokesman says Arquette will eat during his two-day stay in the plastic enclosure."

This publicity stunt seems lamer than a David Blaine event. Can’t he just fast while he’s in the box?Arquette and his wife Courtney Cox Arquette also raise funds for research into the disease Epidermolysis Bullosa.

[Hat tip: Nowah]

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