New York Gov. Paterson Bashes Rush, But Rush Is Much More Popular in New York

When Rush Limbaugh announced he was completely leaving New York, putting his Fifth Avenue condo on the market. Gov. David Paterson joked after a speech on Thursday that "If I knew that would be the result, I would’ve thought about the taxes earlier." Over at Radio Equalizer, blogger Brian Maloney reports that Limbaugh is much more popular than Paterson at this point:

Rush Limbaugh now ranks number one in New York City among all listeners 12 and older. According to Arbitron, he has an average of 693,000 Big Apple listeners, with the number expected to grow as a result of his recent showdown with the White House....

Contrast that with Governor Paterson, who according to a recent Siena poll, has seen his popularity plunge. Just 19% of voters now approve of his performance. Only 14% would like to see him elected to a full term, according to the Daily News:

ALBANY - Gov. Paterson's job performance ratings have crashed thorough the floor, with less than one in five New Yorkers saying he's doing well, a new poll shows.

Just 19% of those polled gave him a positive rating, while 78% turned thumbs down, the Siena College poll found. That's down from 51% positive and 45% negative in the same poll just two months ago.

Maloney reported that Limbaugh responded this way: "Well, it has happened again, folks. I've always said if you place a bag of manure in front of a Democrat they will certainly step in it, and New York Governor David Paterson certainly has."

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