Leftist Radio Host Mike Malloy: GOP 'Needs To Be Executed' ASAP

photo of Mike Malloy, from his mikemalloy.com Web siteYou might expect the new and idealistic era of Obama to tame the savage breasts of left-wing talk radio, but that cannot be said of Mike Malloy, the former CNN employee. On January 29, discussing reports of a growing rate of suicides in the Marine Corps (up to 44 in 2008), Malloy unloaded this rant about the Bush legacy and its Republican enablers: "The Republican Party needs to be executed as quickly as possible." At least he was bipartisan enough to attack the Senate Democrats who voted to give that "sociopath" Bush the power to commit troops "anywhere!" (Click here for audio)

He was recalling the suicide of Jeffrey Lucey, captured by The Boston Globe in 2005.

On January 28, Malloy was wishing and hoping for the choking death of Rush Limbaugh: "Some horrifyingly intense America-hater like Rush Limbaugh, who appears to be morphing into, seriously, he is morphing into Jabba the Hutt; um, I've seen some recent video, this guy is enormous, he just keeps bloating up; it's - it's just - I hope he keeps going because that means he will soon croak. Like I said, eventually, he will choke to death on his own throat fat." (Click here for audio)

Photo of Malloy via MikeMalloy.com.

Audio Mike Malloy
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