Kathleen Parker Can't Help Herself

The Washington Post editorial page keeps rewarding columnist Kathleen Parker for her compulsive failure to make it through a column without bashing religious conservatives. Parker appears on Wednesday’s op-ed page with a piece on Twittering, but about halfway through, she tries a Twitter of her own, bashing James Dobson:

Will they spurn me if I fail to twitter? Would a banter suffice? In the spirit of gamesmanship, herewith a tweet:

"James Dobson's letter-writing campaign to set me straight re God and GOP appears to be backfiring. Most e-mails from his Web site the past two days disagree with Dobson."

As my son would say, "Baaam!"

This is no doubt Parker responding to Dobson's smackdown on his CitizenLink website:

So, Kathleen Parker has determined that getting rid of social conservatives and shelving the values they fight for is the solution to what ails the Republican Party (“Giving Up on God,” Nov. 19). Isn’t that a little like Benedict Arnold handing George Washington a battle plan to win the Revolution?

Whatever she once was, Ms. Parker is certainly not a conservative anymore, having apparently realized it’s a lot easier to be popular among your journalistic peers when your keyboard tilts to the left. She writes that “armband religion” — those of us who “wear our faith on our sleeve,” I suppose, or is it meant to compare socially conservative Christians to Nazis? — is “killing the Republican Party.” Lest readers miss the point, she literally spells it out. The GOP’s big problem? G-O-D.


Read the whole thing.

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