Alec Baldwin: Brother's Conversion Politically Offensive

Time magazine devoted its "Ten Questions" from readers to actor Alec Baldwin in its latest edition. It doesn't really get political until question 8:

How do you feel about your brother Stephen's conversion to Evangelical Christianity? —Nicolas Christy, Austin, Texas
If it wasn't political, I probably wouldn't have anything to say. But the Evangelicals who say AIDS is payback for homosexuals—you don't see liberals saying Hurricane Ike is payback for the Bush family living in Texas. I think that my brother really is very devout and very dedicated, and none of that bothers me until it becomes political.

On the other hand, Baldwin professes to enjoy his skewering in the puppet movie from the South Park crew:

What did you think of your puppet in Team America: World Police? —Mahmoud Salem, Cairo
I thought Team America was so funny. Kim Jong Il would say, "You are usewess to me, Awec Bawdwin." And I'd go to school with my daughter, and her classmates would say that as I walked by. I hear these little kids go, "You are usewess to me, Awec Bawdwin." And I'd be looking at them like, Ha, ha, great— back at you there, Kim Jong. I thought that movie was hysterical. Those guys are insane.

I'd like to hear the tone of that "ha, ha, great" after the 10th time or so.

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