Michelle Obama, Questionable Patriot, To Guest-Host The View

AP reports Michelle Obama will serve as a guest host of ABC's The View on June 18, a few weeks after Cindy McCain took a turn. E! Online gabbed: "No celebrity guests have been booked yet, but we're sure Barack Obama's Princeton and Harvard-educated missus will have no trouble being heard over the most vocal ladies in daytime."

AP's dispatch is brief, but whacks at critics: "Michelle Obama was injected into the campaign when the Tennessee Republican Party posted an online video questioning her patriotism. That prompted her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, to say political opponents should lay off his wife."

Isn't this "injected" language a little weird when political reporters gush over her as the "Supersurrogate" who can wow crowds all over?

AP's brief did not quote her controversial claim that she loves her country when it empowers her husband:  "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."

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