Hillary on Tyra Banks Show: White House Feels Like 'Prison'

It's sometimes hard to get around to all of the non-traditional interviews the presidential candidates are doing. Hillary Clinton may never sit down with Bill O'Reilly, but she did do an interview with Tyra Banks (and suck up by saying she'd like to be on Tyra's show "America's Next Top Model.") A preview of the show, set to air Friday, was offered by Andrew Malcolm on the Los Angeles Times blog Top of the Ticket. He also found Hillary once again lamenting the White House as a prison:

Not that it's going to diminish her ambition to live there again, but Hillary Clinton says she views the White House as something of a prison...

"Do you ever get lonely?" Banks asked the New York senator. "Do you ever sit in your room by yourself sometimes and just feel alone?"....

"I don't feel lonely," Clinton claimed. "But I do feel sometimes isolated. Because when you are in these positions that I have been in, it can be very isolating. It is one of the reasons I put on the dark glasses and the baseball cap and go out of the White House. President Harry Truman once said that the White House was like the crown jewel of the American penal system because you can feel confined."

Malcolm didn't find that Tyra Banks responded by making any catty references to Hillary's jailed Whitewater business partners like Susan McDougal, jailed law partners like Webb Hubbell, or her first co-presidency's tendency to offer last-minute pardons to cronies and drug dealers like Carlos Vignali. That's why Hillary feels safe being interviewed by a supermodel.

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