MSNBC Goes Hard Left In the Morning: Stephanie Miller In The Imus Slot

April 26th, 2007 1:14 PM

Hard-left radio talk show host Stephanie Miller will be filling the Don Imus morning-radio-simulcast gap on MSNBC next week from April 30 to May 2. On her show Thursday morning, she was joking to her male sidekicks about what can be said on MSNBC: "You can't call me a whore. I can call myself a whore." It is in a sense, like Old Home Week, since she co-hosted the CNBC program "Equal Time" with Bay Buchanan for a while ten years ago.

The buzz from Jossip is "according to someone with a vested interest in seeing her succeed, 'the network is hoping to build Stephanie into a major face of the network.'" As for her politics and more about her radio show, see her Progressive interview: "I love Russ Feingold. I love Barbara Boxer. And Howard Dean and John Conyers."

Newsweek puffed her last week as "one of the most popular and funny liberal radio hosts" -- even as they poked Mark Levin as "ultraconservative." The first hour of her show is generally called "Right Wing World" and makes a lot of fun of clips from the previous night's programming on the Fox News Channel. That ought to be right up MSNBC's alley.