ABC Radio Exec Sent Along Kerry's Anti-Alito E-Mail

February 3rd, 2006 10:53 AM

Hand me a tardy pass, but Cam Edwards, radio host for (also on Sirius satellite radio), relayed earlier this week on his new three-amigos blog that an ABC Radio executive (please note: not an "objective" news guy) was an anti-Alito activist on the side:

Friday afternoon I received one of those forwarded emails from a buddy of mine. The subject: asking people to sign on to John Kerry’s petition to filibuster Sam Alito.

The email was started by a, with the message “forward away, my liberal friends”. One of those who received the message was a guy named David Kaufman, a Vice President of Affiliate Relations for ABC Radio. He forwarded on the email with his own message: “Help stop the craziness!”

Oh yeah, one more thing. He forwarded the message from his email account. I contacted Mr. Kaufman by email and asked him if he would like to comment. I received a reply this morning telling me no.