Liberal Delighted As Bush Mocked by ESPN Football Reporter

January 8th, 2006 10:34 PM

Over at the Tapped blog, Matthew Yglesias is delighted that "Shrill Bush bashing has crossed over to the section of the media where it really counts: the sports pages. Here's [ESPN football reporter and online columnist] Sal Paolantonio on the Philadelphia Eagles management structure":

More important, no one is fighting for the players on the field. There is a fine line between building a consensus and creating a cabal -- an echo chamber where the tough questions don't get asked because the answers are all the same. (See: Bush White House.)

M.Y. gets a little too excited about the electoral potential with less informed voters based on offhand comments like these, since most of the column fusses about bad Eagles roster decisions:

The sort of people whose main access to political commentary is late night TV jokes or offhand remarks in articles about football, on the other hand, have much vaguer views and are much more likely to be swayed by the personal characteristics of candidates or, more to the point, the way those characteristics get portrayed.