N.Y. Post Gossip Column Reveals Anti-Couric Poem

December 12th, 2005 2:04 PM

MRC's Thom Golab forwards the latest anti-Katie Couric amateur poetry in the New York Post "Page Six" gossip column:

"SOME wit at NBC has penned a parody of Clement Clarke Moore's classic "A Visit from St. Nicholas," which made its way to PAGE SIX. For your enjoyment, here's most of it:

'Tis right before seven on the set of 'Today,'

There struts a smug diva, Who wants things her way.

Her cheeks are quite rosy, With layers of rouge,

Eyeliner so heavy, She looks like a stooge.

She positions herself, High up on a stool,

then maneuvers her legs, As if they are tools.

Her plan is to showcase, Her new Jimmy Choos,

Oblivious to, Those who really need shoes . . .

The flirting is blatant, With men in the chair,

The touching is frequent, Restraint is so rare.

She considers her singing, A treat to behold,

But if she were on Broadway, That show would soon fold . . .

Innuendo abounds, Boundaries are crossed,

Content is R-rated, Millions, that costs?

It is now being rumored, That this diva's views,

Will soon be transported, To CBS News.

As NBC viewers, We say with delight,

Oh please let that rumor, Be one hundred percent right."