Media Moves: "Journal Editorial Report" to FNC, John Leo's Column Dumped At U.S. News

James Taranto begins his Opinion Journal piece today by reporting that the TV show "Journal Editorial Report" will not be discontinued after it leaves PBS. It will be moving to the Fox News Channel beginning in January. Its last PBS airing is December 2.  This will no doubt annoy liberals who can't stand the Wall Street Journal's editorialists, but it's quite imaginable that those who like their PBS to be a complete liberal playground will say the Paul Gigot show is moving to its more natural home. It's good news that this smart show continues.

Now for the bad news: reports that U.S. News & World Report is dumping the "On Society" column by John Leo. (He will blog for the U.S. News website.) Your best Ken-Tomlinson-intrigue imitations are invited: is U.S. News taking Leo out of the magazine because he's been so strong in recent years at assailing liberal media bias and inaccuracy?

On June 13, he went after Linda Foley's wild remarks about U.S. soldiers assassinating journalists and other media omissions. On May 30, he wondered why the media keeps making the same kind of mistakes -- mistakes from being unacquainted with conservatives.

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