PBS Series Is The "Site Pass" Ad On Left-Wing Salon.com

Is it at all surprising that today's "site pass" advertisement entitling you to look at the left-wing Web site Salon.com is an ad for a PBS documentary starting tonight? Once again, PBS shows by its advertising decisions that it feels its natural audience is liberals.

"Rx for Survival," narrated by Brad Pitt, would be defended as an utterly nonpartisan piece that's pro-"global health." But even the episode descriptions betray a bit of tilt. Episode 5 "examines how an overabundance of nutrition — in the form of over-consumption — is causing an epidemic of obesity that is spreading across the globe." An epidemic of obesity? The tub-thumping on the "pressing need for global health systems" suggests some Carter Center/Clinton Global Initiative bias is going to seep through...

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