How to Puff Cindy-Fest After Cindy's Departed

Mike Allen (or at least his editors at the WashPost) are REALLY reaching now to keep plugging the Cindy Sheehan Brigade even after Cindy Sheehan has left the ranch. On the front page of the Style section is this don't-lose-hope-lefties puff piece: "They Are Stardust, And in Texas: At the Crawford Protest Camp, Growing Echoes of Woodstock."

The official "Washington Post-Democrat" spin line of the day: Protests are mushrooming! Allen's syrupy lead: "Camp Casey, which started with one mom and a grievance, mushroomed over the weekend into a massive settlement with a party tent for 2,000, a shuttle-bus service and an elaborate catering operation that deposited a 26-foot-long refrigerator truck, generators, and restaurant-quality ranges and warming ovens in a field next to President Bush's ranch...."

There are no counter-protesters in the piece (or at best, there's a few prayers in favor of the Prez), but lots of publicity for Bush hatred, including one minister's suggestion that Bush is headed for Hell. The closest thing to a critical sentence is this: "The camp includes nine Port-a-Potties but no shower."

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