U.S. News Hunts Down Old Stories on the "Right"

U.S. News & World Report's idea of "news" this week is what amounts to another warmed-over press release from the folks at the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center about the far-right threat. The story's headline is: "Fighting Fire On The Right: The Feds Are Keeping An Eye on Homegrown Extremists." (Why is is always just the "Right," not even the "Far Right" or the "Kooky Right"?) It quotes the SPLC, the Anti-Defamation League, a liberal Democratic congressman, an FBI agent who specialized in infiltrating white-supremacist groups, and a bureaucratic spokesman from the Department of Homeland Security. The story hammers DHS for being soft on the right-wing threat.

If you doubt this reads like a SPLC document, well, see this SPLC document. See the many similarities. (The William Krar bust in Texas that U.S. News leads with is on Page 4.) In another less than surprising development, the U.S. News reporter here, Danielle Knight, has radical media outlets like Pacifica, Z Magazine, and Dollars and Sense magazine in her biography. Another sign this story is as old as expired cheese: Paul Krugman pounded on the Krar case last June.

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