BBC Likens Hillary Clinton to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

Photoshop of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama by Terry Trippany | original picture from the movie Fatal Attraction.The mainstream media types appear to have turned on Hillary Clinton as of late, with the BBC likening her to the knife wielding Alex Forest played by Glen Close in the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction. (all emphasis mine throughout)

The candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton refuses to die. She has been compared to the Duracell battery bunny that keeps on shuffling when others, powered by lesser fuel cells, have ground to a halt.

Less kindly she has been likened to Glenn Close in the film "Fatal Attraction", who is supposed to have been drowned in the bathtub but then comes back in one last terrifying moment, wielding a carving knife.

While some might be tempted to see this as some sort of breakthrough I am sad to report that this isn't the case. More often than not when the press goes bad on one liberal politician it is because they have found a replacement that is more liberal, or minimally, more likable. Today that person is Barack Obama as demonstrated handily by the Barack love fest in the same BBC article.

Obama by comparison is a brilliantly gifted amateur.

Before he became a politician he was a law professor and a social worker.

He is a politician who writes good books, which makes him the rarest of breeds.

His first book "Dreams of My Father" is a beautifully written, brutally honest account of his migration through the waters of multi-cultural America.

One feels that if he was forced to bow out of politics he could easily find another means to earn a wage.

It is an image that accounts for much of his magic and it is one that he himself has carefully nurtured.

Who hasn't heard the self-deprecating story about how his wife Michelle never really wanted him to run and how she forced him to give up smoking if he did decide to enter the campaign?

Yes, who? With fawning press like this it's amazing that the media hasn't made a call to bypass elections altogether and just anoint the man tomorrow.

Where do Republicans fall within this hierarchy? Naturally lower than that of a potted plant. But that potted plant comparison doesn't come without a dire warning; end this bickering now or Republicans might win in November.

World War I ended one day after four years of brutal trench warfare caked in mud.

The Germans were stunned to hear that they had lost.

The humiliation of the Versailles Treaty added insult to injury.

The rest is history.

An unconvincing victory for either Clinton or Obama courtesy of some begrudging super-delegates could fatally damage the Democratic Party in November.

If the battle drags on too long it could leave too little time to heal the wounds.

All the opinion polls indicate that America is fed up with the Republicans.

There is a massive swing towards the Democrats.

In a special election yesterday a northern district of Mississippi came some 400 votes short of electing a Democrat.

This is huge news in a state that is devoutly Republican and voted 60% for George Bush in 2004.

Pennsylvania registered 217,000 new voters, the vast majority of whom were Democrats.

On top of that there were 178,000 "switchers", Republicans who have changed sides.

With a tanking economy, an unpopular war and a president who consistently scores the lowest ratings in the history of the Gallup organisation, the White House should theoretically open its doors to a Democrat.

As the veteran commentator Charlie Cook put it: "If the Democrats fielded a potted plant it would be certain to get into the White House."

But potted plants have no character and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have plenty, and that's what the Republicans will be trying to target in November.

In other words stop pointing out your own character flaws and heal this party before the potted plants take over.

This is what I enjoy about liberals in the mainstream media. Even when they are knee deep in their own dung they still manage to see the imaginary darker side of conservative Republicans. With that sort of vision it is no surprise that President Bush is still their ace in the hole. How many times are we reminded about President Bush's approval ratings yet hear nothing about the bottomless pit that the Democrat led congress has dug for themselves?

Even though the article is so slanted there is perhaps a ray of hope. Anything that has the MSM doing a job that they were so reluctant to do a few short years ago is progress.

Terry Trippany is the editor and publisher of Webloggin. The image accompanying this article was created by Terry Trippany using photoshop overlays on an original picture from the movie Fatal Attraction.

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