AP Continues to Report That Rep. Ben Cardin Supports Stem Cell Research

The Associated Press is continuing to report that Democrat Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland supports stem cell research despite the fact that his recent voting record contradicts such claims.
Fox, who supports research on embryonic stem cell for a potential cure for Parkinson's, also has lent his celebrity to Democrats Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, running for the Senate in Maryland, and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, who is seeking re-election. Both politicians also back stem-cell research. [emphasis added]

The claim that Mr. Cardin backs stem cell research flies in the face of his vote on July 18, 2006 where he joined 137 Democrats in a successful effort to kill a bill that would have expanded the non-embryonic form of stem cell research.

Non-embryonic stem cell research is currently producing the most beneficial stem cell therapies in terms of human clinical trials as reported earlier in Brent Baker’s article on the Michael J. Fox interview with Katie Couric.

Thus it is hard to imagine how the Associated Press could report that Mr. Cardin supports stem cell research when he voted against the most promising form to date. The apparent AP bias is even more transparent when you consider that Cardin’s voting record on this issue has been reported widely across the Internet for the last two days.

Nonetheless, the report is now making its way across the wires as it is featured in most Internet sites that carry the AP feed including The New York Times, Yahoo News and The Washington Post.

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