NBC and YouTube Combine to Censor Olbermann Watch Videos

January 15th, 2009 1:01 AM

In a case of what can easily be called corporate flag spamming NBC has gotten YouTube to censor the popular Olbermann Watch channel. And as predictable as this move is what's even more predictable is the fact that the video Olbermann Watch was censored for (not to mention plenty of other Olbie videos) is still floating around on other channels:

We have not seen the DMCA filing from NBC Universal but the only complaint we received from them was regarding an old interview of Keith Olbermann by Caron Daly. These videos have been online for years now, the Olbermann Watch channel had well over 1 million views and over 1,000 subscribers. It is also worth noting that some nearly identical videos of Keith Olbermann are still online now; a quick search shows over 11,000 videos when you search for "Olbermann" on YouTube.

This has become an undeniable trend at YouTube, censoring conservative videos but not liberal ones. NewsBusters has covered many cases of YouTube bias in the past. You can check out a couple here and here.

But Olbermann Watch isn't about to take this lying down:

We have responded to YouTube's Copyright department asking to see a copy of the DMCA complaint and contacted our lawyer.

Consider this Round One.

While I may be new to NewsBusters I know that we have a strong history with Olbermann Watch and hope they unmask this crap for what it is. Lets hope for a round one knock out.