Trump Supporters Vilified By MSM: MRC's Hamill Reacts On Fox

January 25th, 2024 11:39 AM

MRC’s Contributing Writer Stephanie Hamill was a guest on Wednesday’s Fox News at Night with host Trace Gallagher, KTTH Seattle Radio talk show host Jason Rantz, and California GOP delegate Roxanne Hoge to discuss the mainstream media’s vilification of Trump supporters. 

Former President Donald Trump made history with his win in New Hampshire as he’s the only GOP 'non-incumbent' to win both New Hampshire and Iowa— results that have apparently sent many in the media into a tailspin.

That is, some in the media now appear to be directing their anger at the voters who are supporting Trump. 

According to some in the media, Trump supporters are a ‘threat to democracy,’ who ‘want fascism.’

 "They are getting so angry, they're not just calling former President Donald Trump a fascist, they're directing that anger toward his supporters and in my opinion, that's is the wrong move," said Hamill. 


Stephanie: It's just laughable at this point how desperate his enemies are in the mainstream media and the democratic party. What is going on here is they're seeing that the attacks from the mainstream media, the weaponization of government and the legal system against former President Donald Trump aren't working so far and in fact, it appears to be doing the exact opposite, so they're scratching their heads, and shaking in their boots, wondering what is going on. They are getting so angry, they're not just calling former President Donald Trump a fascist, they're directing that anger toward his supporters and in my opinion, that's is the wrong move.

Trace: Yea, it really is, and Richard Fowler made this point today, about that exact fact, watch.

Video of Richard Fowler: What the president has done and I think it's helped in keeping his base in Iowa and New Hampshire, he's created this me equals we frame. IE, this is happening to me, it's happening to you the voter. Voters seem to appreciate that. In that frame when media outlets like CNN and MSNBC and others cut away from him and say we are not going to cover his speech, they add to that frame, that everyone is out to get me.

Trace: These people believe they are being targeted because they are being targeted.

Jason: They are quite literally being targeted and media outlets and some Democrats are not hiding that all. At I think the point is important, you not only have them saying we are coming after you and we don't think you are good people and we think you are stupid, you want fascism and the world is going to end if you make this decision. But they're doing it at a time when Donald Trump is clearly big targeted with a political vendetta by the Department of Justice and all of these cases coming against him. All of that taken into a whole will mean more people will go out and actually vote for him. You -- what they are doing is ironic because they are getting the base more and more and more excited to support him just to show these people off.

Trace: Roxanne Hoge, Biden is speaking in Virginia when he's heckled by a pro-Palestinian protester, at least it appeared that way. but Biden said it was just a MAGA protester.

Video Biden: This is going to go on for a while. They have got this planned. And frankly Donald Trump and the MAGA republicans, including the woman hollering. And, frankly ..

Trace: So everybody you disagree with is automatically -- MAGA?

Roxanne: They don't know what MAGA stands for. It means make America great again. Did no one ever watch Footloose . The parents can take away the music of the dancing and what does that make the kids in that town want to do? Dance to music. That is what is happening here.

Trace: Biden was accused of election denial and Peter Doocy called him out to Karine Jean-Pierre. Watch the back and forth and we will let you weigh in on this.

Video of Biden: Hello, Virginia. And the real governor, Terry McAuliffe.

Video Peter Doocy: How are you guys going to convince people that this idea of denying election results is very bad if President Biden is going out and making jokes like this?

Video Karine Jean-Pierre: He did not deny it, he did not deny it. This is a president that works across the aisle. We've seen that many times and he was making a joke.

Trace: It seems like it made a joke about this Stephanie, they wouldn't take it. So it was just a joke.

Stephanie: Trace you are right, they wouldn't take it and they have shown us that. We've seen this over and over again. It was Al Gore in 2000 who was an election denier and nobody question that. It was Hillary Clinton in 2016, also questioned the election and  in Georgia, Stacy Abrams, last time I checked she still thinks won that election. If republicans question the elections or how it was run, then they want to slap you with the legal system and go after you and paint you as a crazy person. It's interesting that they try to laugh it off, but we're watching and taking notes.

Trace: And the whole laughing at off thing is fine. You could do what you want to do. Maybe it was a joke. It's the whole concept of somebody on the other side made that same comment, there would be hell to pay.

Jason: Precisely, this would be the end of democracy as we know it because someone dared to make a joke. I'm all for making jokes about whatever it is you want to make a joke about. Joe Biden gets to make a joke. The difference is you can't have it both ways. You can't tell me when one side jokes about it, oh my gosh the world is ending, but when our side does it that's okay, why don't you relax, why are you so offended. By don't you relax and why are you so offended. Pick a lane. Don't care which lane you pick, but at least be consistent.

Trace: Yes, he's right. Pick a lane. Your last comments Roxanne.

Roxanne: I thought comedy had been canceled, and the truth is I do care. I like the side that enjoys comedy.