FNC's Carl Cameron Takes the Low Road on Palin

November 6th, 2008 4:57 PM

Carl Cameron of FOX News reporting for the "O'Reilly Factor" took the low road yesterday in repeating rumors and gossip from unnamed staffers in the McCain camp about Sarah Palin: her knowledge, temperament, being a shopoholic, etc.

In failing to mention the names of the accusers, or input from staffers who disagree with the rumors, Cameron failed the 'fair and balanced' creed of FOX News. Plus Cameron's somewhat fevered manner in repeating the rumors, was not only surprising, but showed his lack of objectivity.

If I could be candid for a moment: Inside fighting is all to common in campaigns, I know. When my husband, Duane, ran for U.S. Congress and lost the last time we experienced the same thing from one person on his staff who, instead of pulling 100% with the candidate, turned and created dissent in the camp. The things said were untrue, and were the fruit of those who couldn't handle losing well. How do we know that this is not what is happening with these few (how many are they? we don't know, could be one instigator) McCain staffers?

The most popular Governor in the United States with an 80% approval rating in her own state of Alaska, continues to be portrayed negatively by the media. Perhaps it will be found that one of more of these nameless cowards in the McCain camp were plants, or idealogues who took the job but ended up sabotoging the effort, ie the handling of Palin with the press. Time will tell if 'fair and balanced' reporters will investigate.