Take His Daughter for an Abortion? Gov. Schwarzenegger Would "Kill"

September 22nd, 2005 4:22 PM

The former movie star, now Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, told the Sacramento Bee that he would "kill" anyone who took one of his minor daughters for an abortion without telling him.

"I have a daughter. I wouldn't want to have someone take my daughter to a hospital for an abortion or something and not tell me. I would kill him if they do that."

He later clarified his comments saying that he would not literally "kill" someone who took his daughter for an abortion.

"It will be the ultimate of being outraged about it and angry about it," Schwarzenegger said. "They call me when my daughter falls off the jungle gym in the school and they say, 'What do you want us to use? Can we put a Band-Aid on it? Do you want to come in? She's crying a little bit.'They call us about everything. I don't want them in that particular incident not to call us."

The 'Governator's' comments were in response to questions concerning one of the initiatives on California's upcoming November ballot that would require parents or guardians of minors to be notified of their intentions to have abortions 48 hours prior to the act.

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