Ed Schultz Mocked Us in 2008 for Warning About the 'Fairness' Doctrine's Return; Now Calls for its Return

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They Know Nuh-Think
It was the 2008 Talkers magazine New Media Seminar - June 6 and 7 in New York City.  I was there to hob nob with the elite of talk radio. 

And Ed Schultz.

I was there also to curry support for our then latest effort to keep the radio airwaves free from tyrannical and censorious government regulation.  At that time it was against a return of the ridiculously mis-named "Fairness" Doctrine.  Given the talent pool in which I was swimming - those whose livelihoods would be destroyed by it's reinstatement - many were graciously willing to assist.

Not Ed Schultz.  

Word of my efforts made its way to him.  And he sought me out and approached me so as to ridicule us for fighting the good fight.  He rigidly insisted that no Democrat - no one in fact - was seeking a return of the Censorship Doctrine.

"Who talks to Nancy Pelosi more - you or me?" he angrily asked.  I replied "Have you talked to Nancy Pelosi - ever?"  Because if he had, once, ever, he had done so more than me.  (And more's the pity for him.)

He responded "Well I just spoke to her, and no one wants to see (the alleged "Fairness" Doctrine) brought back."

I tried to persuade him that there were plans in the works but he remained, as always, impervious to facts.

Not three weeks later (June 25, to be precise), Nancy Pelosi responded to a query from Human Events' intrepid John Gizzi that it was the interest of her and her caucus to see the so-called "Fairness" Doctrine reinstated.  Oops.

Perhaps Der Schultz was not quite as in the loop as he had so self-servingly asserted.  Or perhaps this was just another in a titanic vat of examples of his distinct disassociation with the truth.

And now it's Equine Ed himself himself calling for the Censorship Doctrine's return. 

A horse is a horse, of course, and a liberal is a liberal.  And liberals always end up seeking to censor the opposition, no matter their preceeding protestations to the contrary.

Welcome Back, Mr. Ed.

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