Rush Limbaugh Contemplating Raising Money for Hillary Rodham Clinton

In ackowledgment of what he says is the Republican Party's counting on "fear and loathing of Hillary Clinton" to bring together Conservatives and Establishment Republicans behind now presumptive Party nominee John McCain (now that Mitt Romney has suspended his effort), Rush Limbaugh this afternoon announced that he is considering raising coin to assist her in her attempt to win the Democratic nomination over Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

Rush said that since Obama does not illicit these sorts of feelings, and the Republicans would therefore be left without anything on which to run in the fall, he might try to raise funds for Hillary to help get her over the primary finish line and thereby deliver the GOP their desired opponent.

This comes on the heels of her recently announcing she is kicking in $5 million of her very own to help continue her run.

We now await his decision ... .

*****Update at 2:22PM by Noel Sheppard: Rush's proposed campaign slogan -- "Keep Her In It So We Can Win It!"

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