ABC Gushes Over ‘Picture Perfect’ New Book of Obama Photos

October 17th, 2017 1:23 PM

ABC journalist and Barack Obama fan Robin Roberts on Monday’s Nightline gushed over a new book of pictures of the Obamas. Co-host Dan Harris deemed the collection of images “picture perfect.” Talking to former White House photographer Amanda Lucidon, Roberts fawned over a picture of the couple snuggling close to each other: “Didn't the President tweet this photo for Valentine's Day?”



Harris hyped, “And picture perfect. The White House staff photographer getting candid about her years following First Lady Michelle Obama. The story behind this famous image.” 

In contrast, when Roberts interviewed Laura Bush in 2007, she wondered if the United States should be exporting generosity and not “bombs.” In November of 2016, ABC (and the other networks) highlighted First Lady-to-be Melania Trump being mocked for her accent during the American Music Awards. 

During the Republican convention, the same networks hammered Melania Trump for “plagiarism” in having similar lines to Michelle Obama. Yet, ABC, CBS and NBC went easy on similar charges against Barack Obama. 
A transcript is below: 

10/17/17 (10/16/17 in pacific and central) 
12:38am ET 

DAN HARRIS: And picture perfect. The White House staff photographer getting candid about her years following First Lady Michelle Obama. The story behind this famous image.


ABC GRAHPIC: Picture Perfect. 

HARRIS: Finally, tonight, the woman behind the lens for some of the most memorable pictures of Michelle Obama. Here's ABC’s Robin Roberts. 

ROBIN ROBERTS: How about this photograph here with the Girl Scouts? 

AMANDA LUCIDON: First ever girl scout camp-out on the south lawn of the White House. Like, how cool. 

ROBERTS: Just one day in the life for photographer Amanda Lucidon. Now sharing the stories behind a collection of intimate images of former First Lady Michelle Obama, in her new book Chasing Light. 

LUCIDON: As a photographer, you can spend your whole career chasing light. But for me, the deeper meaning was, working at the white house of a transformative time for me. 

ROBERTS: From humble beginnings, she worked her way up to White House staff photographer, one of a few women in this role in history. 

LUCIDON: I learned from her that you can be anything. 

ROBERTS: For four years, Amanda traveled with Mrs. Obama, capturing photos of the first lady. 

LUCIDON: She has such a serious role, but she has this lightness about her. She loves to laugh. 

ROBERTS: Now, didn’t the President tweet this photo for Valentine’s Day? 

LUCIDON: Yeah, for Valentine’s Day. Which is pretty cool. 

ROBERTS: Now, one of Amanda’s most widely shared. 

LUCIDON: I guess that's the importance of having good editors, because I'm such a perfectionist, I guess, I'm like, "The picture is kind of messy." And then my editor is like, "The moment." And I'm like, "Oh, yeah."  

ROBERTS: How about when she was with her girls And I believe that's the Great Wall. 

LUCIDON: I love that picture because it shows that being a mother is still her most important priority. 

ROBERTS: How are you different from the first day? 

LUCIDON: I found confidence. The First Lady taught us that the challenges you've encountered in life are actually your strengths. 

ROBERTS: For Nightline, I’m Robin Roberts in New York.