Baltimore Sun Critic Slams Olbermann for Operating 'in the Dirty Tradition of Joe McCarthy'

Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik on Friday used the ultimate liberal insult when he compared Keith Olbermann to Joe McCarthy. Writing about the left-wing cable host's role in the suspension of MSNBC anchor Donny Deutsch, Zurawik mocked, "Olbermann tries to talk like he's Edward R. Murrow, but he operates in the dirty tradition of Joe McCarthy." [Emphasis added.]

Zurawik has also hammered conservatives, calling Robert Novak "a very dark force" in cable news less than two hours after Novak passed away in August 2009, so it's saying something that he's unleashed on Olbermann.

MSNBC suspended Deutsch on Wednesday, after he included Olbermann in a segment on angry cable hosts. Zurawik didn't hold back as he derided, "...Here I come to write once again about what a reckless TV figure Keith Olbermann is -- and how irresponsible MSNBC and NBC News management are for giving him a national platform and the network's credibility to spread his innuendo, invective and smears."

Reflecting on the fact that Deutsch was removed for speaking out with what could be mild criticism of the liberal host, Zurawik contrasted that with FNC: "As much of a shock as this will be to some of my colleagues, it does appear based on what happened to Deutsch that there is more room for self-criticism on Fox News than there is on MSNBC."

For more on Zurawik and how Olbermann once made him the "Worst Person in the World," go here.

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