Today Show's Campbell Brown Wonders if Bush has 'Pushed the Limits' of His Power

June 30th, 2006 1:03 PM

The Today show had many important subjects to discuss today, issues such as examining the details of Star Jones’ firing from The View in excruciating detail. However, co-host Campbell Brown did manage to squeeze in a quick interview with Senator John McCain on the Supreme Court’s military tribunal ruling. The segment, which aired at 7:07AM EDT, featured the typical media employment of leading questions and suggestions that "many" people believe Guantanamo Bay should be shut down. In this "balanced" question, Brown wondered what effect the ruling would have on President Bush’s other anti-terrorism policies:

"Senator, do you think that, uh, the court's decision could have some broader implications for some of the President's anti-terror policies, the things we've been talking about a lot lately, wiretapping, monitoring e-mails, monitoring bank transactions? Policies that some believe have, have pushed the limits of the president's --or presidential power or even gone beyond those limits?"

A subdued McCain responded that he really didn’t think so. Another question by Brown highlighted the perspective that many in the media begin with:

"Well, what do you think, just in terms of, sort of, the big picture here, in terms of what this means right now for the detainees at Guantanamo Bay and many out there who believe the place ought to be shut down?"

According to a June 26, 2006 Washington Post poll, 57 percent of Americans support holding suspected terrorists at Guantanamo. But perhaps Ms. Brown was referring to members of the media when she said "many."

Finally, after reading off the litany of Bush terrorist surveillance actions, the Today host asked McCain this question:

"Do you think the administration believes to be reined in some of those areas?"

McCain again responded in the negative, but clearly Campbell Brown believes Bush needs to be subdued.