More Abrasive Than Usual, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Challenges Tagg Romney to Fight Him

October 20th, 2012 2:39 AM

In response to an innocuous joke Tagg Romney made on a radio show in North Carolina, Lawrence O'Donnell used the platform that is his late night talk show on MSNBC to taunt and threaten the oldest son of a presidential hopeful. 

Seemingly as serious as a heart attack, the nearly 57 year-old O'Donnell challenged the 42 year-old to a fist fight "any time, any where". [ video and transcript below ]

Near the end of The Last Word on Oct. 18, O'Donnell played the audio clip where Taggart was quoted saying that he would've liked to "take a swing" at the president during the second debate. While this comment was obviously in jest, O'Donnell didn't see it that way for some reason -- demanding satisfaction with an ensuing personal attack and intimidation. As if making fun of his name would rile him up. 

The Boston-native reminisced about his hard-knock life, developing more of an accent and tough guy persona as he went along. At one point, he got up out of his chair and walked towards the camera to make his case more clear. Obama isn't to blame for the incessant attacks on his father's character, O'Donnell is -- admitting that he's been at it for over a year now. 

So if there's anyone who deserves a punch in the face, it's Lawrence O'Donnell. To be fair, he was literally asking for it. "Don't worry, there won't be any Secret Service," he said. "Go ahead Taggart, take your best shot."

Relevant Transcript Below: 


The Last Word 

Oct. 18, 2012

10:52 p.m. EDT 

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: OK Taggart. Let’s have a little talk, just you and me. You– When I hear you talk about taking a swing and taking punches, why do I get the feeling you have never actually taken a punch, or thrown a punch. I didn’t have that luxury in the part of Boston I grew up in. But in your rich, suburban, Boston life, with your father filling a $100 million trust fund for you. I don’t know, I just get the feeling things were kind of different for you.

Now, I know you've got a lot to be pissed off at these days starting with the name Taggart which you have every right to be wicked pissed off at for every day of the 42 years of your life. So let me try to help you deal with all this aggression you are feeling right now.You’re mad at President Obama for calling your father a liar? Well, let’s get something straight. He didn’t call your father a liar, I did. The president just said that what father said isn't true. 

I’ve been saying all year that your father is a liar. I’ve repeatedly said that your father lies and is trying to lie his way into the White House. So, you want to take a swing at someone for calling your old man a liar? Take a swing at me. Come on. Come on! And don’t worry. There won’t be any Secret Service involved. Just us. And I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll come to you. Anytime, anywhere. Go ahead Taggart, take your best shot.