Fredo RAGES at Trump: 'You Don't Give a Damn' About Pandemic

August 9th, 2020 10:08 PM

Near the end of Friday’s PrimeTime, host Chris "Fredo" Cuomo raged like a buffoon over President Trump’s Bedminster press conference on the coronavirus and comments Trump made to supporters. According to Cuomo, the President does not “give a damn” about coronavirus.

Huh. If Cuomo gave "a damn" about the virus, then perhaps he wouldn't have conducted softball interview with brother and Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and violated his quarantine after contracting COVID-19. That's what any sane, serious person would have avoided, but Fredo is anything but those things.

Cuomo began by accusing Trump of calling a press conference “to lie to you about the nature of the coronavirus threat” and “lying to you in a way that actually threatens your children.” Because Cuomo and CNN are made up of churlish, immature, and untrustworthy people, he made sure to mock the President’s pronunciation of Thailand and Yosemite.


He also attacked Trump over his decision to invite “true believers” inside his golf club before the news conference and “asking them to come in” to create “more crowd.” He proceeded to play a soundbite of the President telling his supporters that they would “get to meet the fake news tonight” and saying that “a lot of good things happened today.”

Not surprisingly, Cuomo decided not to play a clip of Trump scorching CNN and Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa for complaining about the large number of people gathered inside his New Jersey golf club. The President defended their presence inside the golf club by proclaiming that they were involved in “peaceful protest.” 

After the clip, Cuomo rhetorically wondered to his strawman version of the President: “So, you wouldn’t have a press conference when we’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are desperate for your help unless you had some good news to spin?”

As for Cuomo, the American people would take his lectures about coronavirus much more seriously if he actually decided to hold his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, accountable for his share of mistakes during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he attempted to turn his interview with his big brother into a giant laugh fest.

Before wrapping up, Cuomo proclaimed: “It is what it is, Mr. President, and you are who you are and you don’t give a damn.” The case to rename CNN #ResistanceTV gets stronger and stronger every single day.

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A transcript of the relevant portion of Friday’s edition of Cuomo Prime Time is below. Click “expand” to read more.   

Cuomo Prime Time
10:48 PM

CHRIS CUOMO: It’s Friday night. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. You might think that the President would be in a situation room trying to figure out how to get us testing so less of us die. But instead, he’s at his golf club in Bedminster. So, why did he suddenly call a press conference? Well, to lie to you about the nature of the coronavirus threat; which he really believes is his ticket to winning again: lying to you in a way that actually threatens your children. That’s his bread and butter. That’s his best play. I think it’s terrible. I think there’s such a better play for him that’s actually the truth and his responsibility. But he doesn’t want to play it. The question is why? I keep asking people. Why is he doing this? Why is he ignoring this? And I don’t get a lot of good answers. Right? Why would he take time to talk to you about a B.S. executive order to protect people with preexisting conditions when he knows people like me are going to blow it up. We already have protection for preexisting conditions. He’s the one trying to take it away. Why would he sign an executive order that means nothing when there’s already a law in place that gives something at the same time he’s fighting to take it away? Because he’s lying to you. Because he wants to manipulate you and distract you from the desperation of our reality. Now, what does that say about him? Nothing that he doesn’t say about himself. He gave us the answer to how he sees where we are right now and what matters when he didn’t know he was being recorded. Or if he did, you know, he’s really whacked to “Thighland” and in a heavy state of Yosemite. He was talking to a crowd of true believers before a news conference asking them to come in, you know, more crowd. He was caught on a hot mic. There’s no video, but I want you to hear where he’s coming from in talking to these people and what matters to him. Listen to this.


PRESIDENT TRUMP: Hello, everybody. Hello, everybody. Thank you. So, we’re going to do a press conference and I thought you were here, you might as well come in and see. You’ll get to meet the fake news tonight.


TRUMP: You’ll get to see what I have to go through. Who’s there? Oh, all…all my killers are there. Wow. So, you’ll get to see some of the…the, the people that we deal with every day. It’s like a history lesson for your children. Tell your children about it. But we have a lot of good news about the economy. A lot of good things happened today. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a press conference. So that’s it. So, enjoy it. And we’ll be out in a little while.


CUOMO: My takeaways. So, you wouldn’t have a press conference when we’re in the middle of a pandemic and people are desperate for your help unless you had some good news to spin? And then by the way, in that press conference, he lied to you about giving you protection. He’s giving you nothing. He’s trying to take it and he is refusing to act in a way that we desperately need. I don’t care what he says about the media. That’s okay. He’s free to feel that way, so are you. But inviting people in when they’re barely wearing masks at a time when we’re trying to convince people to do it, he never mentioned anything about the urgency of our reality. It is what it is, Mr. President. It’s a pandemic and you are who you are. You don’t give a damn.