CNN's Wajahat Ali: GOP Will Popularize 'White Supremacist Conspiracy Theories' in 2020

December 29th, 2019 10:52 AM

Friday’s Cuomo Prime Time featured a segment with three guests making their predictions regarding “what to watch for in the coming year.” The most outrageous prediction came from New York Times and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali, who predicted a “death rattle of white supremacy” in Trump’s apparent defeat in 2020, which will be accompanied by a desperate “mainstreaming and further popularization of white supremacist conspiracy theories” by Republicans. 


WAJAHAT ALI: And what I mean by that is the death rattle of white supremacy in the United States and Europe has turned into a death march. And specifically, we’re talking about an ideology and system, Chris, that says that white men are superior and must be at the top. And what we saw from 2016 with the election of Trump, every study has shown that the predominant factor for Trump voters was not economic anxiety but racial anxiety; which was exploited by Trump. So, what we’ll see in 2020, and I want to say this out loud, up front, is the mainstreaming, and further popularization of white supremacist conspiracy theories by the Republican Party.

We already saw it in 2018 with the midterms, “invasion” funded by George Soros, the “Jewish” globalist, and we’ve seen this mainstreaming by now right-wing politicians and Fox News. This will increase. We already saw Matt Shea, a Republican legislator, being accused of domestic terrorism in Washington.

CUOMO: Right.

ALI: And finally, we’ll see the increase in white supremacist terror plots as Christopher Wray, Trump’s picked FBI Director, warned about that happened in 2019. It was a record number. It’s going to happen in 2020.

Former State Department spokesperson Nayyera Haq agreed with Ali that white supremacy serves as the motivating factor behind people’s support for President Trump: “Pretending and giving it terms of economic anxiety and pretending…it’s not what it is isn’t going to help anybody.” After she finished weighing on the threat of white supremacy in Trump’s America, Haq made her own prediction about 2020 concerning voter suppression.

NAYYERA HAQ: Seventeen million people were purged from voter rolls…records in the last two years alone. You look at Georgia, which just today announced that 100,000 people would not be allowed back on. Florida, where the entire state voted, 1.5 million people, who paid their debt to society, former felons, they wanted them to have the right to vote, and the Republican state legislator said “Mm, we need to actually put some other restrictions on them.” You know, they sound like poll taxes, which is what it used to be in the Civil Rights era, but now they call it you have to pay all of your fines.

So, the…it comes up as states looking to make sure that their records are all clean and accurate. But it’s much more insidious. It tends to focus on areas that are Democratic, that are minority, and it puts restrictions on voting that frankly, we haven’t seen since the 1960s.

Former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent added a little balance, citing leftist Jeremy Corbyn’s disastrous showing in the UK, warning Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren “a lot of Americans don’t want to replace a right-wing, culturally-based populism with a angry, left-wing, economically-based populism.”