O'Donnell Goes Gaga Over 'Adult in the Room' Nancy Pelosi Rebuking 'Child President' Trump

October 18th, 2019 4:12 PM

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell opened Wednesday’s edition of The Last Word by gleefully reporting on President Trump’s supposed “meltdown” during a meeting with Congressional Democrats earlier in the day. He praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an “adult in the room” standing up to America’s “child President.”

The hyperbole overflowed from O'Donnell. “I never saw anyone in that room do what Nancy Pelosi did today when she literally stood up to the President of the United States, and because Donald Trump has the weakest mind in the history of the American presidency, he released the photograph of that moment!” 

He called that picture “the single most important and indelible photographic image of the Trump presidency” that “tells the story of the Trump presidency better than any other photograph.” O’Donnell described the photograph as “the perfect portrait of the child President, the Trump face is full of the confusion and fear of a four-year-old boy being rebuked by an adult in the room full of adults who know he shouldn’t be here.” 



O’Donnell contended that “historians will recognize that when Nancy Pelosi should up to that President today, she wasn’t just standing up for herself and for Congress. She was standing up for the millions of Americans and millions of people around the world who immediately stood up to Donald Trump after he was inaugurated in what turned out to be the largest inauguration protest in history.” O’Donnell also implied that Trump was an illegitimate President, praising Pelosi for “standing up for American voters whose democracy has been attacked by foreign agents.”

The MSNBC host and former West Wing writer continued to shower Pelosi with praise, proclaiming: “she was standing up for children held in custody at the southern border by Donald Trump and mothers and fathers separated from those children by Donald Trump...she was standing up to the lies and racist poison that Donald Trump has been spewing since he first opened his mouth about President Obama’s birth certificate.”

In addition to portraying President Trump as a racist, unstable monster, O’Donnell surmised that the President is a Russian agent; pointing out that when Pelosi pointed her finger at Trump in the photograph that served as the backdrop of the segment, she was telling him “all roads with you lead to Putin.” O’Donnell predicted that “those words will be forever memorable.” This line of attack should not have come as that much of a surprise considering the fact that O’Donnell once accused the President of treason.

As his opening monologue came to a close, a giddy O’Donnell reported on “the bipartisan resolution that passed the House of Representatives today with 129 Republican votes condemning Donald Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds” as well as a new Gallup poll finding that “52 percent of Americans say that Donald Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives.” O’Donnell appeared to enjoy himself quite a bit when he declared that “Donald Trump is the only President in history who wakes up every day bracing for new devastating re-election polling and at the same time new devastating impeachment polling.”

The Democrats are forever winning in O’Donnell’s mind. 


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