CNN Does Sob Story on Dreamers on March 5th DACA Deadline

CNN painted a favorable picture of the "Dreamers" as Monday marked the March 5th Deadline for Congress to enact President Obama's controversial executive order known as "DACA" into law before the program expired.

Anyone tuning into CNN’s New Day at around 8:30 Monday morning would have easily mistaken the program for a propaganda channel designed to help the cause of the roughly 800,000 illegal immigrants known as "Dreamers.” The segment began with a clip from one of the media's favorite Republicans, Ohio Governor and Trump critic John Kasich, complaining that the DACA kids no longer sit at the top of the headlines. Jorge Ramos must have surely applauded as Kasich declared that we cannot “ship them out of the country for political reasons.”



CNN’s Sara Sidner compiled a report on three Dreamers in “legal limbo” as a result of the uncertainty of the fate of DACA. She began her package by pointing to a poll showing 80 percent of Americans supporting allowing the Dreamers to stay. If she really cared about polls so much, she would have surely pointed to polls showing majority support for cutting back on legal immigration and limiting chain migration. She played a clip of President Trump urging Congress to act, saying, “I have a love for these people and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly.” She then picked up, “But he didn’t” and then urged one of the Dreamers she was interviewing to bash President Trump: “He says he has a heart but then he ended the program. What does that tell you?”

Sidner then presented the legal reality, pointing out that the March 5th deadline effectively means nothing because a federal court blocked it from going into effect while the case goes through the courts. CNN pointed out that one of the young people profiled in Sidner’s package served as his high school class president, trying to give the impression that all Dreamers are high school valedictorians.

At the conclusion of Sidner’s segment, New Day co-host Chris Cuomo jumped in, saying, “So this is something that lawmakers are going to have to do. We know they like to duck the hard stuff. That’s why we’re here to pressure them.” The media’s traditional job of keeping the American people informed has long since fallen by the wayside. Apparently, their new job description consists of "controlling exactly what people think", acting as the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party, and now, putting the pressure on lawmakers to pass legislation favorable to liberal interest groups.

CNN’s segment on Dreamers proves that liberals have mastered the use of “pathos” or emotional arguments in order to convert Americans to their point of view. Logical arguments for not giving blanket amnesty to around 800,000 illegal immigrants surely exist but don’t expect the media to give them a fair hearing.




CNN New Day


08:29 AM


GOV. JOHN KASICH: Have we forgotten the Dreamers, the DACA, the young people who came here? They’re not even in the news anymore. We can’t be taking these kids that have been, or young people who have been here, some of them for 20 years and ship them out of the country for political reasons.


ERICA HILL: Ohio Governor John Kasich there trying to keep dreamers on the national agenda. Their fate of course remains uncertain. Today’s deadline imposed by President Trump passing. CNN’s Sara Sidner is live in Los Angeles for us this morning with more. Sara?


SARA SIDNER: Erica and Chris, you know, this was the deadline for dreamers but then the Court stepped in and now it’s more of a political embarrassment since all the polls that have been done on dreamers with Americans, say 80 percent of Americans say, look, we think the dreamers should have a path to stay here. Now, the dreamers are again in legal limbo. These are the faces of dreamers. Amritpal is one of 2,550 DACA recipients born in India. Christine is one of 7,060 recipients born in South Korea. And Oscar is one of 544,150 recipients born in Mexico. Monday was supposed to be doomsday for the program that allows them and nearly 700,000 others to be in the United States legally. President Trump set March 5th as the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.


PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have a love for these people and hopefully now Congress will be able to help them and do it properly.


SIDNER: But they didn’t. He says he has a heart but then he ended the program. What does that tell you? 


CHRISTINE (DACA RECIPIENT): He has a heart that beats but that doesn’t mean anything. Everyone’s heart can beat but can he relate to us?


AMRITPAL (DACA RECIPIENT): It almost feels like...we’re just a game. You know, like, this is one big chess game for them. 


SIDNER: According to a lawsuit filed in New York against the Department of Homeland Security, the March 5th memo would have meant 1,400 DACA recipients would lose their legal status every working day but the Supreme Court stayed out of the dispute, which allowed a Federal Court ruling that the memo cannot be enforced to stand while the case goes through the Courts. It means DACA recipients are left in limbo. Amritpal has been the family translator, a second mother to her sister and an income earner all while attending college and dealing with pain.


AMRITPAL: People think just because we’re here, we have all these benefits and we’re, you know, leeching off the government but it’s like we don’t have MediCal, like, half of my mouth is like rotting.


SIDNER: As a DACA recipient, she is not eligible for government medical insurance programs or Federal financial aid for school.


AMRITPAL: I’m emotional because some days it feels like our sacrifices aren’t enough and our trauma isn’t enough.


SIDNER: Oscar was his high school class President but then his father got deported. Since then, he’s had to work up to four jobs at a time to help his mother feed a family of six. 


OSCAR (DACA RECIPIENT): I’ve worked in the taco stand, I worked in a food restaurant, just about anything just to make sure my family has food on the table.


SIDNER: Now he manages work and college. When do you sleep?


OSCAR: Hardly ever.


SIDNER: Christine got into the college of her dreams. Her father tried to pay for it but that dream eventually died with no financial aid.


CHRISTINE: He wanted me to be there and every time I see him write the amounts on the check, just seeing that I just couldn’t anymore.


SIDNER: At 25, she now works at the Korean Resource Center hoping to make a better life for other immigrants like her. She says politicians have failed them.


CHRISTINE: It’s quite tiring, exhausting, to know that people are playing with your life.


SIDNER: And when it comes to what they do next, their next biggest deadline is their work permit deadline which comes up every couple of years but they say they will continue to fight and go to Washington to try to change the minds of politicians to get them to do something for the dreamers. Chris?


CHRIS CUOMO: It’s all really dicey still. Right? I mean, the deadline was supposed to be today. That’s arbitrary, Trump just said it. They have two Federal Courts that are holding it in abeyance, saying he has to keep processing but those can be litigated and lost. So this is something that lawmakers are going to have to do. We know they like to duck the hard stuff. That’s why we’re here to pressure them. Sara, thank you so much for the insight in that piece. 

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