CNN Panelist Psychoanalyzes Trump Voters, Says They are Nostalgic for the 1950's

February 14th, 2018 5:14 PM

During an appearance on CNN’s Inside Politics, Bloomberg’s National Political Reporter Sahil Kapur shared his theory as to why President Trump has not come out with a strong statement against domestic violence. According to Kapur’s theory, President Trump is signaling to a “certain type of Trump voter who grew up in the ‘50s, who grew up in the ‘60s, has a very different conception of gender roles.” Hillary Clinton might consider this particular Trump voter part of the “basket of deplorables.”

Kapur’s comments come just two weeks after MSNBC Host Joy Reid said that the President’s State of the Union speech embodied  “1950s-era nationalism.” Reid apparently felt a little triggered that President Trump mentioned faith, family, police, the military, and the national anthem during his speech.

She argued that “the goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.” The average American would probably have a hard time figuring out why Reid has such hostility toward these institutions that have served as a unifying force in an increasingly divided United States of America.



Kapur continued his psychoanalysis by saying “they don’t like seeing millions of women on the streets demanding their domestic and workplace and sexual autonomy. It doesn’t sit right with them.” He did acknowledge that President Trump and this “certain type of Trump voter” do not condone domestic violence but they do have a degree of skepticism about the “me too” movement that the media seems to find unacceptable. 

Plenty of other reasons exist for backlash to the “me too” movement besides misogyny and backwardness. Many of those on the front lines of the “me too” movement seem to have no regard for the tradition of due process; one false accusation of sexual misbehavior against a man can ruin his life forever.

Anchor John King concluded that particular segment by saying “Unless they can recruit a lot of Archie Bunkers and raise them a lot of money really fast, I’m not sure that’s the right message in a midterm election year.” Once again, the media have made perfectly clear their contempt for those who do not share their “enlightened” views.