CNN Fearmongering: Trump Wants Military Parade Like 'North Korea'

February 7th, 2018 11:07 AM

CNN’s New Day engaged in a bit of hyperbole on Wednesday morning over the prospect of a military parade in the nation's capital. The Washington Post has reported that the President has requested the Department of Defense look into planning a military parade to be held at some point this year. Potential dates include Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans’ Day, which has special significance this year; marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. 

President Trump had previously touted the idea of a military parade after attending France’s Bastille Day military parade back in July.  New Day co-host Chris Cuomo did not seem to like that idea very much, referring to the hypothetical parade as “the whole deal that you usually see out of North Korea.” Cuomo also raised concerns about the cost of the parade; which comes as a change of pace for the left, which normally has no problems spending taxpayer money as if it grows on trees.



Rear Admiral John Kirby, who served as State Department Spokesman during the Obama Administration, claimed that the military parade had nothing to do with the military, arguing that “this is about the President showing off. This is all about his ego.” Kirby made the exact same argument during an appearance on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon Tuesday night.

The United States had previously held a military parade in Washington on June 8, 1991; following a victory in the Gulf War that led to President George H.W. Bush’s record-high approval ratings. Unlike President Trump, President Bush did not have to deal with round-the-clock comparisons to oppressive North Korean dictators from the media and the left.

CNN has engaged in quite a bit of hyperbole over the past twenty-four hours when covering the potential military parade. Don't expect them to change their tune anytime soon. 

CNN New Day
06:00 AM

CHRIS CUOMO: Welcome to you, our viewers in the United States and around the world. This is your “New Day.” It is Wednesday, February 7th, 6:00 here in New York and here’s our starting line. President Trump says he welcomes another government shutdown if Democrats won’t tighten immigration laws. The tone is bad, the timing is worse. Bipartisan negotiations on Capitol Hill are reportedly making headway for a long-term deal despite all that drama. Now, the House did pass a short-term spending bill last night but Senate leaders are not as excited about that prospect. While Congress is wrestling with funding for the government, President Trump wants the Pentagon to plan a grand military parade in Washington, tanks, marching soldiers, the whole deal that you usually see in North Korea. It would cost millions but may cost more politically.

06:34 AM

ALISYN CAMEROTA: After attending France’s Bastille Day Parade in Paris last summer, you heard the President say he wanted something similar in the U.S. Now, at the President’s request, the Pentagon is looking into a grand military parade in Washington. So, joining us now, CNN military analysts Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling and Retired Rear Admiral and Former Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby. Gentlemen, it’s great to have you and your perspectives here with us.  So Admiral Kirby, what do you think of the idea in a military parade in Washington?

JOHN KIRBY: I don’t like it Alisyn, not at all. This is not about showcasing our military. This is about the President showing off, this is all about his ego. And that’s just an inappropriate use of military time, talent, and resources. The second thing is this is beneath us as a nation. We are the most powerful military on Earth. We’re very proud of that and rightly so. We don’t need to be parading our military hardware down Pennsylvania Avenue to, to show that to anybody. And thirdly, I think it’s just a waste of resources. It will cost millions of dollars, that’s money that could be put to other better uses: operations, training, not to mention just even, just taking care of our people; spouse education programs, that kind of thing. So I think this is just a, it’s a, it’s a tremendously bad idea.