History Demands that African Americans Vote for Obama?

In what can only be considered as having your race cake and eating it too, Hardy Brown, a writer for Black Voice News is demanding that African Americans vote for Barack Obama to ‘break the shackles of hopelessness that has weighed us down for so long,’ while simultaneously taking the high road by declaring that there is no place for racism in campaigns.

This is what is known as a Sharptonism – making a racist statement that attempts to portray the speaker as non-racist, whilst the rest of the world actually sees them as one of the worst offenders of intolerance.

The entire first paragraph seems to harness the theme of ‘we are owed this election because of our past.’ How about, ‘we owe ourselves the dignity of making an honest choice on Election Day, casting our vote based on policies rather than skin color?’

(Emphasis mine)

“We are on the eve of a new day in America while standing at the door of a new opportunity -- moving forward and not forgetting that which is behind -- but grabbing hold to the change of renewed hope. On November 4th, the election our ancestors dreamed of and many thought would never happen during their lifetime is going to take place. It is my humble opinion Senator Barack Obama will be elected President of the United States of America. He will not just be elected but in a mighty and convincing way, it will be an opportunity to break the shackles of hopelessness that has weighed us down for so long. It has put wind in our sail to move us forward as Americans while showing the world that a true democracy of the people and by the people can overcome a brutal past of racism.

You have heard all of the speeches from both sides and you have listened to all of the experts, so now it is up to you. All you have to do is take a few moments and vote and remind your friends and neighbors to vote by November 4th for Barack Obama.”

Race has been playing a role in the viewpoints of the mainstream media, ranging from accusations of ‘unconscious racism’ to outright charges that racism is the only reason that Obama will taste defeat.

What makes this particular article odd though, is how swiftly Mr. Brown transitions from practically demanding that all blacks are duty bound to vote for Obama, to this little headline:

Racism No Place in Campaigns

Let me get this straight, there is no place for racism while campaigning, but there is a place for racism when voting? Again, Sharptonian politics.

Brown goes on to charge the entire Republican Party with allowing racist overtones to their campaigns for ‘several decades.’ He cites the statement that John McCain made during a debate in which he called Barack Obama ‘that one.’

He also points out that he is ‘glad General Colin Powell chided his own political party as going over the edge.’ Of course, Powell’s endorsement has already been aptly explained as being racist in and of itself by Rush Limbaugh.

Racism has no place in campaigns or elections, agreed Mr. Brown. What you, the Obama campaign, and the MSM struggle to realize is that, by invoking the race card yourselves with this election, you are merely revealing the depths of your own bigotry.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

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