The Disinformation Campaign Against the Haditha Marines Continues

September 23rd, 2007 1:03 PM

The disinformation campaign against the Haditha Marines continues despite exonerations and dismissed charges. This was quite evident during Thursday night’s discussion on Hannity and Colmes.  Jason Mattera, the young man who dared confront John Murtha about his claims of “cold blooded murder” was a guest and Jane Fleming Kleeb represented the dissenting viewpoint.

Alan Colmes gave us a hint about the latest tactic to diminish the results of the 2 year Haditha investigation when he questioned the integrity of  General James Mattis.

COLMES: The person clearing these people is Lieutenant General James Mattis. Let me put up on the screen what Mattis is quoting as having said.  

He said it’s a lot of fun to fight. It’s fun to shoot people. I’ll be right up front with you. I like brawling. He said that in San Diego. You go to Afghanistan, you get guys who slap women around for five years because they don’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that don’t got no manhood left anyway. It’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them."  

Do you agree with those sentiments? This is the guy clearing these people."

General Mattis’ comments in 2005  have absolutely nothing to do with the results of the Haditha investigations. The General’s decision in the exonerations of LCpl Justin Sharratt and Capt Randy Stone were based on evidence and testimony from the Article 32 Hearings plus the recommendations of Lt. Col Paul Ware, the Investigating Officer. All decisions by General Mattis were based on facts. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, to suggest that the dismissals were part of some conspiracy to subvert justice. To imply otherwise is to continue to slander these exonerated Marines.

This is not the first time Alan Colmes has attempted to impugn the innocence of the Haditha Marines. Based on his statements on Thursday, it will not be the last.

While Colmes’ comments were offensive to anyone with a smidgeon of knowledge of the cases of the Haditha Marines, Jane Fleming Kleeb’s statements were deliberately factually incorrect.  (Full Transcript here)

JANE FLEMING KLEEB, YOUNG VOTER PAC: They’re not exonerated yet, Sean.

 HANNITY: Excuse me, excuse me. These cases are going to be dropped against four of these guys. My question is why doesn’t he have the decency to apologize? That’s all that Jason was asking.

KLEEB: OK. My question to you and Jason is when did you become part of the legal team of the Marines?

HANNITY: I’m not asking you that.

KLEEB: Neither one of you know if those charges are going to be dropped. Neither one of you.

HANNITY: You are so intellectually dishonest. You are so intellectually dishonest. You know something? I make mistakes, and I apologize...

KLEEB: Sean, neither one of you guys are part of the legal team. And so I’m sorry that you guys are making assumptions.


HANNITY: Jane, here’s my last question. You know something? He was wrong about brave American heroes because he is so invested in his political agenda. Why don’t you have some integrity and say that, for moral reasons, he owes those men an apology when the charges are dropped? Why don’t you have the decency to say that and request that of this man?

KLEEB: Because I have trust and faith in our legal process.

MATTERA: They cleared him.

KLEEB: And if the soldiers are found...

HANNITY: He slandered them.

KLEEB: If they are found not guilty then we will move on from there. But you have no idea. You and Jason are not part of the legal team. You have no idea.

In fact, there is no “assumption” about the exoneration of LCpl Sharratt and Capt Stone. The official decision from General Mattis was released August 8, 2007 and it was unequivocal in the innocence of both Marines. In the case of LCpl Sharratt, Mattis wrote the following…

“And as you have always remained cloaked in the presumption of innocence, with this dismissal of charges, you remain in the eyes of the law – and in my eyes – innocent.”

The status of the Haditha Marines is as follows:

LCpl Justin Sharratt – all charges dismissed, exonerated

Capt Randy Stone – all charges dismissed, exonerated

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz – charges dropped

Capt Lucas McConnell – charges dropped

LCpl Stephen Tatum – Investigating Officer recommended dismissal of charges, pending final decision from General Mattis

Lt.Col Jeffrey Chessani – Investigating Officer recommended Court Martial, pending final decision from General Mattis

SSgt Frank Wuterich – pending Investigating Officer recommendation

Lt. Andrew Grayson – Article 32 Hearing scheduled for October 2007

Contrary to Kleeb’s opinion, you do not have to be part of the legal team to read the testimony, official recommendations and findings in the cases of the Haditha Marines. Defend our Marines has wall to wall coverage of all aspects of the Haditha incident. You just need to want to find out the truth. Based on Kleeb’s statements, the truth has no bearing when the Haditha Marines are involved.