Democrat Victory-Obsessed Media Still Ignoring the Good News from Iraq

While the media is full of stories of Nancy Pelosi's "Miss Cleo" impression on the future of politics in America and fantasizing about Porter Goss playing poker while smoking a cigar, our brave military are still kicking butt over in Iraq (and Afghanistan). Here's one of the latest from

"Ansar al-Islam member and chemical expert, Ali Wali, was killed May 6th at approximately 1 p.m. during a counterterrorist raid in the Mansur district of Baghdad. Iraqi civilians transported the two bodies to the morgue where Coalition forces later confirmed the identity of the wanted terrorist, Ali Wali.

Ali Wali, full name believed to be Abbas bin Farnas bin Qafqas, was a 37 or 38-year-old Iraqi Kurd who served as a key leader in Ansar al-Islam’s military (operational) command responsible for training and military operations (terrorist activity) to include the planning of suicide operations (bombings), ambushes and kidnapping. Ali Wali was also an expert in the implementation of explosives as well as in the use of artillery, tanks and anti-aircraft weapons. Ali Wali allegedly was an expert in toxins and poisons."

Searching over at Google News, there are only 3 references to Ali Wali and not one is a major media outlet or wire service. Good news = bad. Bad news = good.

Just a reminder to the lazy media - this information is found over at It is posted and updated at least daily. They have a newsletter that you can sign up for so you don't even have to leave your computer. NOW - what's your excuse??
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