Rall: US Military No Different Than Terrorists

January 31st, 2006 6:46 PM

What do you get when you cross a so-called editorial cartoonist with a person that hates the Military, Republicans, President Bush and America?  If you answered “Ted Rall”, you hit the nail on the head.

In his latest attempt at cartooning, called "Relative Moralism", Rall depicts two members of the military preparing for a remote missile launch.  One of the soldiers voices concern about the innocent people that will be killed by the missile attack.  The soldier with his finger on the button offers excuses for killing innocents such as their proximity to the bad guys. The same soldier then remarks that “those people don’t like us anyway. The more we kill the better.”  In the final frame, Rall depicts two men with an obvious Middle Eastern appearance and turbans. One has a cell phone to his ear while the other voices concern about killing innocent people.

There is only one interpretation of Rall’s editorial – the US Military is no different than the terrorists that detonate IED’s or commit suicide bombings.  Rall has previously described the drone missile attack in Pakistan “assassination by joystick” so he is just perpetuating his little theory. Once again, in the little brain of a useful idiot, the America Military is the bad guy.

The very same military Rall loves to portray as cold-blooded killers are the ones that have given the ultimate sacrifice so Rall can publish his little drawings.  Every time Rall denigrates the military, he demonstrates his lack of respect of the sacrifices of every single US soldier and veteran.  Free speech is a gift from our founding Fathers and is protected by the US military. If Ted Rall does not appreciate that gift, maybe we should ask for it back.