Bob Beckel: Dems Have Not Called Bush a Liar

December 5th, 2005 11:45 AM

In an interview with Greg Jarrett on Fox News Live today, Bob Beckel said “I don't know any democrat that called George Bush a liar.” Obviously Beckel needs a refresher:

June 2, 2005 interview with Rolling Stone – Harry Reid – Q: “You’ve called Bush a loser.” Reid: “And a liar.” Q: “You’ve apologized for the loser comment.” Reid: “But never for the liar, have I.”

November 18, 2005: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy: Bush and Cheney “have begun a new campaign of distortion and manipulation.” The two men could not find weapons of mass destruction and “they can’t find the truth either.”

Al Gore: “A systematic effort to manipulate the facts.”

Sen. John Edwards: “myths perpetrated by the Bush administration” and “certainly the integrity and character of the President of the United States is at issue, no question.”

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “war based on falsehood” and “White House deception”

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter speaking at the DNC Convention: “we cannot lead if our leaders mislead.”

Al Sharpton: “He lied in Florida. He’s lied several times. I believe he lied in Iraq.”

Sen. Joe Biden: “By misrepresenting the facts, misunderstanding Iraq and misleading on this war…”

Rep. John Conyers: “cook the intelligence”

Rep. Maxine Waters: “The President is a liar. Dick Cheney, the chief architect of the Big Lie, is not only a liar, he is a thief.”

Rep. Edward Markey: “We know that the Bush administration deliberately misled the American public about nuclear weapons in Iraq, about Al Qaeda in Iraq…”

There is so much more especially if you count the comments made by Liberal political pundits and official DNC spokesmen.

I am not calling Beckel a liar. He just deliberately misled, misrepresented and distorted the facts.