Where’s Hunter? Biden Scandal Still AWOL from Network News

December 15th, 2020 9:35 AM

Two months ago, the liberal media assisted Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by essentially ignoring the financial scandal surrounding Biden’s son, Hunter, and aggressively dismissing it as likely Russian propaganda.

Now that an FBI investigation into Hunter Biden for potential money laundering and tax fraud has been confirmed, the media aren’t bothering to call it Russian propaganda anymore — but they’re still pretty much ignoring the story.

Last Wednesday, December 9, Hunter Biden himself revealed that he was under investigation by the FBI. In the six days since then (through the morning of December 15), ABC’s morning and evening news (Good Morning America and World News Tonight) have given the story a grand total of just 97 seconds. CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News have given the scandal slightly more attention (3 minutes, 4 seconds), while NBC’s Today and Nightly News allotted 4 minutes, 54 seconds to the story.

Add it all up, and that’s only 9 minutes, 35 seconds of airtime over 41 hours of network news programming. Even though the media now know there’s a real federal investigation about potentially serious crimes by the next President’s son, the broadcast networks aren’t any more interested than they were last fall, when they doled out a scant 21 minutes of (mostly dismissive) coverage over nearly two weeks.

And nowhere in the current round of coverage is there any suggestion that either the Biden campaign or their liberal media echo chamber were flat-out wrong in October when they scorned the story as a Russian trick. “Experts say it has all the hallmarks of information laundering and all the headaches of 2016,” CBS’s Nancy Cordes sighed on the October 15 Evening News.

Four days later on NBC’s Today, NBC analyst Jeremy Bash similarly instructed viewers to dismiss the story: “This whole operation looks right out of the Kremlin playbook, hack and dump.”

That’s also the angle CBS’s Norah O’Donnell took with Joe Biden himself, when on the October 25 60 Minutes she suggested the whole thing was a plot: “Do you believe the recent leak of material allegedly from Hunter’s computer is part of a Russian disinformation campaign?”

Here’s more of the media — before the election — insisting the only scandal was Russia’s supposed interference against Joe Biden:


The liberal media’s refusal to properly cover this story before the election (as well as the censorship supplied by Big Tech) probably tipped the election to Biden. A poll of 1,750 Biden voters in seven swing states, conducted by The Polling Company, found nearly half (45.1%) were unaware of Hunter Biden’s financial scandal; if they had known, enough would have abandoned the Democratic candidate to flip Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Trump, giving the President a 311 electoral vote victory.